Tuition and Fees

If you’re considering attending Florida State University (FSU), then you may be wondering about the cost of tuition and fees. As a current FSU student, I’m here to provide you with some information that will hopefully help answer any questions you may have. FSU is a great university with a lot to offer, so let’s dive into the topic of tuition and fees.

Understanding Tuition and Fees

FSU Tuition Rates

First off, let’s define what exactly tuition and fees are. Tuition is the cost of instruction and academic services provided by the university. This includes things like attending classes, using campus resources such as libraries and computer labs, and receiving academic advising.

On the other hand, fees refer to additional costs that are associated with attending FSU. These may include things like health services, transportation fees, recreational facility fees, and more.

FSU Tuitions and Fees Data

Traditional Academic Programs

Campus/ProgramCareerIn-State Rate (per credit hour)Out-of-State Rate (per credit hour)
Main CampusUndergraduate$215.55$721.10
Main CampusGraduate$479.32$1,110.72
Panama City CampusUndergraduate$180.49$686.04
Panama City CampusGraduate$444.26$1,075.66
Sarasota CampusUndergraduate$182.30$687.85
Sarasota CampusGraduate$446.07$1,077.47
College of Law – MainJ.D./LL.M./J.M.$688.11$1,355.18
College of Law – OnlineJ.M. / LL.M.$653.05$1,320.12
Republic of Panama$300.00$400.00

Special Medical Programs

CohortPer Semester
Nurse Anesthesia – Panama City$9,500.44
Physician Assistant – Main Campus$10,467.68 (In-State), $13,967.68 (Out-of-State)
College of Medicine – Main (Year 1, >6 Hours)$8,516.87 (In-State), $20,033.93 (Out-of-State)
College of Medicine – Main (Year 2, >6 Hours)$12,775.31 (In-State), $30,050.91 (Out-of-State)

Academic Program Specific Fees

ProgramFee DescriptionPer Semester Rate
All Media Production MajorsMedia Production Equipment Fee$113.00
All Medical StudentsMedical Equipment Fee$345.00
All Music MajorsMusic Equipment Fee$350.00
Undergraduate Nursing MajorsNursing Equipment Fee$310.00
DNP Psychiatric/Mental Health Majors$25.00
DNP Family Nurse Practitioner Majors$100.00
DNP Acute Care Majors$200.00
All Art MajorsArt Equipment Fee$125.00
All Art History MajorsArt History Equipment Fee$80.00
All Interior Design MajorsInterior Design Equipment Fee$135.00
All Theatre MajorsTheatre Equipment Fee$115.00

These are the latest data as of now listed on their website here. It may change during another session or years, So make sure to check their website for the latest fees.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Now that we’ve covered the basics of tuition and fees at FSU, let’s talk about ways to potentially decrease your costs. FSU offers several financial aid options, including grants, loans, and work-study programs.

It’s important to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in order to be considered for financial aid. Additionally, FSU also offers various scholarships that can help offset tuition and fees.

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